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Gerrit Kurtz

Gerrit Kurtz is a non-resident fellow with the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) and a PhD student at King’s College London. His PhD research focuses on the contribution of diplomatic missions and the United Nations country presence to conflict prevention in Sri Lanka and South Sudan. His other research interests revolve around the politics of international organizations as well as dynamics of peacekeeping and intervention in an increasingly multipolar world order.

Between 2012 to 2015, Gerrit worked on the research project Global Norm Evolution and the Responsibility to Protect, which brought together partners from Brazil, China, India, and Europe. In addition, he conducted field research on local conflict management by the UN Mission in South Sudan, and on bureaucratic efforts to improve the UN system’s human rights capacities. He is a co-author of Protection and Responsibility: An Analysis of US Foreign Policy to Prevent Mass Atrocities, a study commissioned by the Heinrich Böll Foundation that proposes recommendations to German policymakers. His commentary has appeared in, among others, The Hindu, ZEIT Online, and Frankfurter Rundschau.

Before joining GPPi, Gerrit was a research fellow for the chair of international organizations and public policy at the University of Potsdam. His professional experience also includes internships at the German Bundestag and at the German embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Before this, he was a fellow with the Carlo Schmid Programme at the United Nations Security Council Affairs Division in the Department of Political Affairs, where he worked for a UN sanctions committee.

For several years, Gerrit has been actively involved in the German UN Association (DGVN). He established a working group on young UN research, which brings together young academics in the field of UN studies through annual research colloquia, informal events, and a blog about UN affairs.

Gerrit earned a master’s degree in international relations through a joint program from the Free University in Berlin, the Humboldt University in Berlin, and the University of Potsdam. He holds a bachelor’s degree in governance and public policy from the University of Passau and spent two semesters at Sciences Po Grenoble. Gerrit has received scholarships from the German National Academic Foundation, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD),​the Heinrich Böll Foundation, and the Economic and Social Research Council of the United Kingdom.

Areas of Expertise

Peace & Security
Conflict Prevention
United Nations


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