Allison Meakem


Allison Meakem is an intern with the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin, where she supports the institute’s work on peace and security.

Allison is a fourth-year undergraduate student concentrating in international relations and Arabic at Brown University in the US, but most recently spent a semester studying at the University of Jordan in Amman. With a focus on bi- and multilateral relationships between the EU and the Middle East, she is particularly interested in the politics of pluralism, democratic erosion, humanitarianism, and human rights. 

While at Brown, Allison has served as a writer, editor and member of the executive board of the Brown Political Review. In 2017, she attended the 23rd UN Climate Negotiations in Bonn, Germany with the Climate and Development Lab (CDL) and conducted primary research on adaptation in small island developing states in conjunction with the government of the Republic of Comoros. She is presently working on a paper with the CDL that scrutinizes lobbying efforts and financial flows stymying environmental legislation in the US state of Rhode Island. 

Previously, Allison has taught German to Syrian and Palestinian refugees based in Amman and interned at PR firm Scholz & Friends and the Brussels studio of Deutsche Welle. She participated in the German Federal Academy for Security Politics’ (BAKS) 2018 Student Conference, where she considered new directions for the German Interior Ministry’s (BMI) strategy in North Africa. While in school, Allison won the US Department of State’s National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) scholarship to study Turkish.

Languages: English, German, Arabic, French, Turkish