• Article 28 Aug 2018

    Politik vor Handel

    s ist wieder Dynamik in die europäisch-indischen Beziehungen gekommen. Dabei schien das politische Momentum nach dem Abflauen der zunächst vielversprechenden strategischen Partnerschaft zwischen Brüssel und Neu-Delhi zu Beginn der 2000er Jahre schon längst verloren.…
  • Article 27 Aug 2018

    Politics Over Trade: A Revival of the EU-India Partnership

    Although trade negotiations remain stuck, Europe and India are developing closer ties through political and security cooperation. But both actors will have to make an extra effort to sustain the present momentum.…
  • Commentary 09 Aug 2018

    Rediscovering Europe: New Avenues for the Europe-India Partnership

    Europe-India observers long lamented that the partnership was all about trade and not ‘strategic’ enough. Those trends are finally shifting.…
  • Commentary 09 Jul 2018

    A New Pact With Delhi

    It’s not an exaggeration to say that the EU-India relationship is witnessing an extraordinary momentum, lost after the promising beginning of the strategic partnership the early 2000s. Both sides are taking unprecedented steps to deepen the partnership. This new momentum is largely the result of a…
  • Commentary 11 Jun 2018

    Great Game in the Indian Ocean

    Despite its geographical distance, the Indian Ocean has immense economic and strategic importance for Germany and Europe. A majority of European sea-trade transits through the Ocean, including half of Germany’s sea-borne trade and two-thirds of all containers carrying German exports. The Indian…
  • Commentary 06 Jun 2018

    Gefährliches Spiel um die Vorherrschaft im Indischen Ozean

    Trotz seiner geografischen Entfernung hat der Indische Ozean eine immense wirtschaftliche und strategische Bedeutung für Europa. Millionen hochbezahlter Arbeitsplätze in Europa hängen vom Export nach Asien ab; mehr als 35 Prozent der europäischen Exporte fliessen dorthin – und werden über den…
  • Policy brief 03 Apr 2018

    Europe’s Response to the Belt and Road Initiative

    Europe’s initial enthusiasm about the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is tempering. BRI is undermining the EU’s internal cohesion, has the potential to impact European security, and is creating stiff competition for European companies on trade, investments, and market access in Europe and Asia.…
  • Policy brief 02 Nov 2017

    Engaging with the Indian Ocean

    The Indian Ocean, despite its geographical distance, has significant economic and strategic importance for Germany and Europe. A majority of European sea trade transits through the Ocean, along with half of Germany’s sea-borne supply and two-thirds of all containers carrying German exports. The…
  • Commentary 27 Sep 2017

    Decoding the German Elections: Is This a Populist Sweep?

    Angela Merkel is set to resume her fourth term as the chancellor of Germany, surprising no one. However, contrary to expectations, this victory was far from comfortable. In a trend visible across Europe, the established parties took a beating, with the far-right populists faring much better than…
  • Working paper 30 May 2017

    Perceptions of EU Preventive Diplomacy in Asia

    By Garima Mohan, May-Britt Stumbaum
    With the advent of the Asian century, the region’s importance has increased tremendously not only for trade and investment, but also for global security. Asia has a high potential for conflict. Simmering territorial disputes in East Asia, the erratic behavior of regimes such as North Korea,…
  • Commentary 21 Apr 2017

    Closer to Brussels

    By Constantino Xavier, Garima Mohan
    While traditionally focussed on economics and culture, today the EU and India are taking bold steps to also deepen the strategic dimensions of their partnership. This week’s visit to New Delhi of the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, will likely…
  • Policy brief 20 Mar 2017

    Managing Conflict, Building Peace: Opportunities for Developing the EU-India Strategic Partnership

    Abstract With possible United States retrenchment and a growing number of conflicts, both the European Union and India are set to play a greater role in securing their overlapping extended neighborhoods. Crisis management, stabilization, and peacebuilding will play a central role in these endeavors,…
  • Article 21 Nov 2016

    German Human Rights Policy in a Multipolar World

    Introduction Rising powers need not fear criticism of human rights abuses from Berlin, for trade trumps human rights in German foreign policy. This conventional wisdom is frequently invoked by human rights activists and journalists alike, but it is neither very informative nor entirely correct.…
  • Policy brief 09 Nov 2016

    Regional Connectivity in Asia: New Avenues for EU-India Partnership

    Executive Summary Promoting a rules-based, multilateral global order is a central goal of the EU global strategy on foreign and security policy, 2016. However, with the global shift of power towards Asia, the established multilateral system and international organizations are under increasing…
  • Commentary 04 Oct 2016

    Modernizing India’s Approach to Peacekeeping: The Case of South Sudan

    Over the last several decades, India’s security interests have moved beyond the subcontinent, in response to its growing economic and geopolitical interests. This is especially evident by its increasing engagement with Africa. At the Third India-Africa Forum Summit in October 2015, India and many…
  • Book chapter 21 Apr 2016

    EU Regional Strategy in South Asia: Moving Beyond the Role of a Trade Partner

    Key Points There is an urgent need for the EU to revise its South Asia strategy, given the region’s economic importance but also for the security of the European continent.The EU-India partnership has grown stagnant despite shared foreign policy goals because it is set within an old, outdated…
  • Commentary 29 Mar 2016

    Can the EU-India Summit Revive a Flagging Partnership?

    The strategic partnership between India and the European Union has stagnated over the years, producing few results in terms of strategic cooperation. Last year, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi dropped Brussels from his itinerary and planned his trip to accommodate other important European…
  • Commentary 13 Jul 2015

    Modi’s First Year in Review: A New Start for US-India Relations?

    As the Modi government crosses its one-year mark, pundits are singing its praises for prioritizing foreign policy. The revival of the partnership with the US is one of Modi’s proudest accomplishments so far. Particularly after Obama’s visit in January this year, many already saw the start of a new…
  • Commentary 27 May 2015

    Women in Peacekeeping: Holding up Half the Sky?

    By Garima Mohan, Olivia Gippner
    In January 2015, The Guardian reported that female peacekeepers comprise 2 percent of the world’s largest peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo, reflecting how little has changed since 2000, when the UN Security Council passed Resolution 1325, which stressed the important role…
  • Commentary 14 Aug 2014

    The West Reaches Out to India

    By Garima Mohan, May-Britt Stumbaum
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