Assessing Academic Freedom Worldwide

Kinzelbach et al 2019 Academic Freedom Index project

Source: Flickr

Academic freedom infringements range from indirect incentives to brutal force against scholars and academic institutions. Such violations undermine academic values and integrity, yet systematic knowledge about the issue is scarce. In close cooperation with FAU University Erlangen-Nuremberg, V‑Dem and the Scholars at Risk Network, GPPi has developed a global database and case study methodology to compare academic freedom across the world.

This work has been funded in part by a grant from the Higher Education Support Programme of the Open Society Foundations. We have also benefited from a conference grant by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation and a Schumpeter Fellowship by the Volkswagen Foundation.

A full report as well as a working paper are available for download. To explore the data, visit the V‑Dem website.

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