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While Europe is focused on – and the US complicit in – the unraveling of major pillars of the post-WW2 security order, the Middle East, South and East Asia see major geopolitical rivalries rising, and many African countries still struggle to find effective ways to prevent and contain violence. We work on the full circle of challenges in analyzing, preventing, managing, and resolving violent conflict – be that with regard to key crises such as the war in Syria, key spaces such as the Indo-Pacific region, or focusing on policy instruments of specific actors such as Germany, the EU, India, or the United Nations.

Journal article

Germany’s Politics and Bureaucracy for Preventing Atrocities

Germany needs to address key weaknesses in its institutional setup before it can effectively contribute to the prevention of atrocities.


Great Game in the Indian Ocean

Growing competition and militarization are changing dynamics in the Indian Ocean. Europe needs to pay more attention to these developments.


Security Assistance and Reform: Bringing the Politics Back In

Security assistance and security sector reform can only succeed if external supporters’ political engagement drives their technical projects, not vice versa.


Iraq After ISIL

The continued presence of militias, local, and regional forces poses significant challenges for stability, rule of law, and civilian protection.


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Research Fellow

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Research Assistant

Philipp Rotmann

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Mario Schulz

Research Associate

Thorsten Benner


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Funding & Contact

Our current work on global peace and security is generously supported by the European Commission’s Horizon2020 research funding scheme, the Robert Bosch Foundation, the German Federal Foreign Office, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, and the Jeyroudi Foundation. For previous projects, we received grants and support by the German Foundation for Peace Research, the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, the Volkswagen Foundation in cooperation with Compagnia di San Paolo and Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, the UN Secretariat’s Department for Peacekeeping Operations, the Friedrich Ebert and Heinrich Böll Foundations, as well as Humanity United.

For more information, please contact Philipp Rotmann.

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