Commentary 14 November 2022

US Vote a Wake-Up Call for Transatlantic Ties

When it comes to US democratic dysfunction, Europeans should follow a simple motto: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Why Berlin needs to get serious about its own security policy.

New: Views on Germany’s National Security Strategy

Our new platform 49security brings together experts from academia, civil society and politics to debate ideas and priorities for Germany’s first-ever National Security Strategy.

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Feministische Außenpolitik heißt innere (Un)Sicherheit ernst nehmen

Wer feministische Außenpolitik betreiben will, muss die strukturelle Gewalt gegen Frauen, queere und Schwarze Menschen innerhalb Deutschlands anerkennen und aufarbeiten. Alles andere wäre Heuchelei.


Migration and Asylum in Tunisia

What role is the European Union playing in terms of refugee protection in Tunisia? An examination of how EU assistance is working – and where it may have some unintended negative effects.


Scholz’s Asia Month: Preparing Germany for a Non-Western-Centric World

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has invested a lot of time into building closer connections with Asian partners. But he could go even further.


Borders, Money and a B&B: The Global Compact on Refugees in Serbia.

What is shaping recent developments on refugee policy in Serbia? And in what ways is the European Union contributing?


Gretchenfrage Verflechtung

Deutschland muss der Interdependenzreligion abschwören und aus den Erfahrungen mit Russland seine Lehren für China ziehen.


No Pain, No Gain: How Germany Can Build a Viable Feminist Foreign Policy

A credible, effective feminist foreign policy must go beyond symbolic signals and small efforts. It must focus on actions that can achieve real progress.