Booklet 09 January 2020

Scenarios for Governance Breakdown and Violent Conflict in the EU’s Neighborhood

What will the European Union’s neighborhood look like in 2024? Based on thought experiments about alternative future developments, these scenarios map out areas of potential governance breakdown and violent conflict in the next five years and grapple with the threat they could pose.

Meet the GGF 2035 Fellows

Together with the Robert Bosch Stiftung and our international partners, we have selected 27 young professionals from Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, and the United States to explore the futures of climate-related conflict, media and information, and the politics of inequality.

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Sicherheitsexperte zu Libyen-Gipfel: „Ein Hoffnungsschimmer - nicht mehr"

In Libyen herrscht seit Jahren Bürgerkrieg. Was sind die Ergebnisse des internationalen Gipfels in Berlin? Und gibt es einen Weg nach vorn?


Deutsches 5G-Netz mit Huawei – eine sichere Sache?

Außer der Angst vor Vergeltung gibt es keinen Grund, warum Deutschland beim Ausbau seiner 5G-Infrastruktur auf Huawei setzen sollten. 


Not Trustworthy: Why Austria Needs a Serious Debate on 5G Security Risks

Austria’s government is not debating the potential security threats posed by high-risk providers like Huawei. This must change under the new administration.


Europe and NATO: Time for Plan B

US security guarantees for Europe are not eternal. High time for Germany to discuss the future of NATO in Europe.


The Sale of .ORG, Trust, and Community-Based Organizations

A .ORG domain usually comes with a higher level of trust — though this may be a thing of the past now that it is in the hands of a private-equity company. 


A German National Security Council: If Kramp-Karrenbauer is Serious, Her Work Starts Now

A national security council would have to address issues of power in German policymaking. But if the German defense minister succeeds with her proposal, it could be a major breakthrough for Germany’s foreign and security policy.