Commentary 16 July 2019

Why Europe Should Give Up the IMF

Claiming the privilege of naming the IMF’s top official is completely out of touch with how the European Union should want to be seen around the world. Time to give it up.

The Global Futures Podcast

What sort of future are we heading for? We discuss foreign policy, economics, war, peace, and how the world is changing with experts from across the globe as part of the Global Governance Futures — Robert Bosch Foundation Multilateral Dialogue Program. 

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Judging Universities by How Free They Are

Degrees of academic freedom should affect universities’ reputations, but there is no reliable data on violations of academic freedom in higher education institutions worldwide. GPPi is piloting a comparative global measurement on academic freedom to address this gap.


Mind the Technology Gap

Technological illiteracy exacerbates threats to Western democracies. While real transatlantic policy coordination looks unlikely any time soon, there is still plenty of room for the US and Europe to cooperate on promoting tech expertise among legislators.


What’s at Stake Amid Hong Kong’s Extradition Protests?

As Hong Kongers continue to rise up against a controversional extradition bill, here is what it all means for the territory.


Who is Emmanuel Macron?

Sophie Pedder, the Economists Paris bureau chief, delves into the Macron presidency and contemporary France-EU politics in the latest episode of the Global Futures podcast.


Automation and the Future of Work in Sub-Saharan Africa

This paper presents the factors that are driving or inhibiting the automation revolution and applies them to sub-Saharan Africa. It concludes that tough times may be coming for some, but the overall impact of automation in the region will be limited. 

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Harmonizing Reporting Pilot: Final Review

In 2017, GPPi developed a new template to streamline donor reporting in the humanitarian sector. After piloting it for two years, we found that it is an important building block for achieving the Grand Bargain commitment to simplify and harmonize reporting requirements.