Commentary 13 May 2020

What’s Left of the Failed States Debate?

The number of countries in which state structures have collapsed seems to be growing. But is it really? Are these so-called failed states a threat to global security? And is there an antidote? Five hypotheses, put to the test.

Meet the TDD 2020 Fellows

The Transatlantic Digital Debates program brings together 18 German and American young professionals from government, business, civil society, academia, and the media. The TDD 2020 fellows will come together for two dialogue sessions in Germany and the United States to discuss industrial policy and innovation, internet governance and regulation, and more.

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COVID-19 in Brazil: the End of the Road for Bolsonaro?

The Brazilian government under President Bolsonaro has botched its response to the coronavirus. Could this spell impeachment for the Brazilian leader?


Inequality: Are We All in This Together?

The coronavirus outbreak may be a global pandemic, but its effects are not felt equally. Experts discuss how the virus deepens existing inequalities – and what can be done to level the playing field.


Wenn Xi und Orbán Coronapartys feiern

Überall auf der Welt nutzen autoritäre Regierungen die Krise, um ihre Macht auszubauen. Doch auch für Autokraten ist die Lage komplizierter, als es aussieht.


Surveillance: Means or End?

Governments worldwide are using new tracking tools to help curb the spread of COVID-19. But will this become the new normal?


African States Must Localize Coronavirus Response

Initially, African countries had few COVID-19 outbreak, but recent infections across the continent have nudged leaders into action. If structures are not effectively utilized to halt the spread of the virus, it will have drastic implications for the continent.

By Oheneba Boateng, Lynda Iroulo

The German Foreign Office at 150: Time to Shake Things Up

If Germany wants a more strategic foreign policy, the Foreign Office needs to see extensive reforms. While investing in personnel, communications and IT are all key for bringing the ministry into the 21st century, there is also a need for a culture change.