Article 19 September 2019

Conflict Prevention: Scoring Small Wins

Where multilateral conflict prevention has worked, and how to make it work elsewhere.

By Philipp Rotmann, Cale Salih

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Der Frieden des Nobelpreisträgers ist zerbrechlich

Der Friedensnobelpreis für den äthiopischen Premier ist ein wichtiges Zeichen. Doch der demokratische Wandel des Landes ist fragil – und hat einen ungewissen Ausgang.


Singapore’s New Yale-NUS Controversy: Was Academic Freedom Violated?

Did the cancellation of an event on dissent challenge the college’s commitment to academic freedom? A student’s perspective on the academic freedom debate at the Yale-NUS College. 

Journal article

Krieg und Gewalt: Wie Deutschland strategiefähiger werden kann

It is politicians — not a supposedly pacifist, naïve or disengaged public — who are blocking the development of a strategic culture in Germany. That means: politicians can lead the way toward it.


Fluchtursachen mindern: Was nicht weh tut, ist nicht wirksam

Die Bundesregierung beruft eine Expertenkommission zu Fluchtursachen – Zeit, auch unangenehme Abwägungen in die öffentliche Debatte zu tragen.


All Quiet on the Brussels Front?

Is a new beginning” in migration policy possible for the EU Commission? The answer: not likely.


What’s Next for Hong Kong?

As China marked 70 years of Communist rule with an enormous military parade, protests erupted again in Hong Kong. Katharina Nachbar spoke to Joel Sandhu about his recent visit to Hong Kong, the factors that are driving the unrest, and what to expect going forward.