Commentary 30 May 2023

Be Ready When It Counts: Germany’s Mali Policy

While the Bundeswehr is leaving Mali, Germany’s stabilization efforts will continue. But to be ready for change, Berlin will need new partners – which means being open to negotiate with jihadists.

Now in Arabic: Nowhere to Hide Podcast

The Nowhere to Hide Podcast is now available in English and Arabic! It pieces together one of the worst crimes in recent history: the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian war.

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Immigration Policy as Foreign Policy

The West has long failed to establish equitable immigration policies with African nations. To right this wrong, it is the time to view immigration as a part of foreign policy.


Shifting the Narrative

What is it like to work on issues like war and peace, security, governance, and justice – in general and as a woman in particular? A peek behind the curtain with GPPi’s Abi Watson.


Early Action: The State of Play 2022

Currently, over 3 billion people live in contexts that are highly vulnerable to climate change. Are we doing enough to ensure that they are safe from disasters? A look at early action for climate disasters in 2022

By Marie Wagner, Risk-informed Early Action Partnership

Von „umfassender strategischer Partnerschaft“ zu Systemrivalität

Bei der Neuausrichtung der deutschen Chinapolitik gilt es, die Lehren aus dem Scheitern der deutschen Russlandpolitik zu berücksichtigen. Denn die Abhängigkeiten Deutschlands gegenüber China sind weitreichender und komplexer, als es jene gegenüber Russland je waren.


Securing the Deep: Undersea Cables and National Security

Undersea cables comprise almost all of the world’s digital infrastructure – and their disruption could have devastating consequences. How can Germany better protect this critical infrastructure?


Europe Is Disastrously Split on China

French President Macron served China’s Xi Jinping a strategic triumph on a silver platter during his last visit to Beijing. Now, Europe needs to shift into damage control mode.