Commentary 05 December 2019

A German National Security Council: If Kramp-Karrenbauer is Serious, Her Work Starts Now

A national security council would have to address issues of power in German policymaking. But if the German defense minister succeeds with her proposal, it could be a major breakthrough for Germany’s foreign and security policy.

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UNHCR’s Engagement in Humanitarian-Development Cooperation

Over the years, the UN Refugee Agency has invested heavily in its ability to work with development actors. This analysis offers preliminary findings and recommendations from an ongoing evaluation exploring the scope and effects of UNHCR’s engagement in humanitarian-development cooperation. 


Internet Governance: Past, Present, and Future

The free and open model of the internet is under serious threat. What do these challenges mean for the future of internet governance?


Chessboard or Player? The EU’s Role in US-China Competition

The rivalry between the US and China will be the defining geopolitical challenge of this century. Here’s why the EU must become a player in its own right – with its own strategy.

By Thorsten Benner, Torrey Taussig
Journal article

A Fresh Look at Crisis Prevention? Reviewing Three Years of “PeaceLab”

How can Germany improve its policies on conflict prevention, conflict resolution and peacebuilding? A look into the debate on peace and security in Germany during the PeaceLab2016 process.


Hong Kong: What’s Next and How Should Europe Respond?

The crisis in Hong Kong is spiraling out of control. Europe should issue a clear warning that the territory’s special status must be respected.

By Katrin Kinzelbach, Eva Pils

What’s Left of Multilateralism?

The idea of working together to solve the world’s problems has come under heavy fire. Are we witnessing the end of multilateralism?