In Search of Better Data Security? It’s Not Where, But How

Hohmann Morgus Techsov

When asked earlier this week to give advice to the every day internet user, respected computer security researcher Bruce Schneier suggested we look beyond technical solutions to build a legal framework in order to protect our data and privacy. Nonetheless, last year, Schneier claimed that over 700 million people are taking steps to avoid foreign surveillance activities as a result of the Snowden revelations. While he expressed skepticism about the degree to which these steps make an “appreciable difference,” there is a clear momentum for individuals to increase their efforts to keep their online activities secure and private.

But it is not just individuals who are taking steps to protect themselves online. The private sector promptly reacted as well, as tech companies have begun to increase encryption efforts and are gradually becoming less and less beholden to the intelligence community. Companies and customers are gradually realizing that when it comes to data security, where data is stored and flows matters much less than how it is stored and flows.


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