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Will China Dare Challenge the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

It is only a matter of time before China tries to replace human rights with an alternative normative idea. Beijing already has a record of similar maneuvers in other policy areas.


What Now? An Implementation Proposal for the Global Compact for Migration

The UN Global Migration Pact is a hotchpotch of declarations of good intent that are important but currently unworkable. It must be disentangled to lay out concrete, practical steps — or it will remain a toothless tiger.


Germany Is Soft on Chinese Spying

Huawei has deep ties to the Chinese government. That Berlin might let it build Germany’s next generation of communications infrastructure anyway is dangerously misguided.


Lots of Assistance, Little Reform

The German government’s new SSR strategy is an opportunity to inject much-needed strategic focus into a sprawling security assistance portfolio, build a solid conceptual foundation, and shape a culture of evaluation to allow for learning.


China’s Crackdown on Hong Kong’s Freedoms Is Bad for Business

Beijing’s encroachment on Hong Kong’s freedoms could lead the US to end its special treatment of the territory. China should not give it reason to do so.


Facial Recognition Technology: What Are We Looking At?

Demand for facial recognition technologies is growing in both the commercial and the security sphere, but their pervasiveness raises many privacy and ethical concerns. TDD fellows Isabelle Buscke and Clare Garvie unpack the problem.

By Isabelle Buscke, Clare Garvie