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Where is Hong Kong’s Lion Rock Spirit?

As China cracks down on critics and pro-democracy activists in the city, Hong Kong has returned to the international spotlight. GPPi’s Joel Sandhu sat down with Tze-wei Ng to talk about the region’s current status and political and economic future.

Web essay

At the Tip of the Spear: Armed Groups’ Impact on Displacement and Return in Post-ISIL Iraq

The large number of sub-state forces is one factor contributing to Iraq’s continued displacement crisis. This web essay disentangles the motivations and strategies of various of these actors accused of forced displacement, blocked returns, and related protection concerns.


Germany Rarely Has a Strategy for Managing International Crises

If Germany wants to preserve its prosperity, security and values, more international commitment is a necessity. What would it mean for Germany to take on more international responsibility?


Wofür eigentlich?

Mehr deutsche Verantwortung werden auf der Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz wieder viele fordern. Die Bürger sind skeptisch, weil die Politik nicht verrät, was das bedeutet.

Policy brief

System Upgrade: Improving Cross-Border Access to Electronic Evidence

Reform of the existing mutual legal assistance system should be priority number one for improving cross-border access to data for law enforcement.

By Sophie Barnett, Mirko Hohmann

Krieg vor der Haustür

Dieses Buch plädiert für eine Außenpolitik, die Gewalt und Krieg nicht nur mit Zelten und Decken, Geld und Waffenexporten begegnet – sondern mit politischen Strategien, die so vielen Menschen wie möglich das Leben retten.