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Fortbildung mit chinesischer Prägung

Das offizielle China verteidigt die Verfolgung und Unterdrückung der Uiguren. Doch trotz aller Bemühungen gerät der Parteienstaat dabei zunehmend unter Druck.


Und nun? Ein Vorschlag zur Umsetzung des UN-Migrationspakts

Der UN-Migrationspakt ist ein Sammelsurium an Absichtserklärungen, die politisch wichtig, aber zu unkonkret sind. Um dem Papiertiger Zähne zu verleihen, muss die Umsetzung in machbare Schritte aufgeschlüsselt werden.


How Berlin’s Actions Can Live Up to Its Words on the UN Security Council

Berlin has ambitious goals for “Europeanizing” the German seat on the UN Security Council. To do so, it must find more inclusive ways of leading and possibly sacrifice some of its own priorities.

By Theresa Lütkefend, Noémi Blome

Politics Over Trade: A Revival of the EU-India Partnership

Europe and India are developing closer ties through political and security cooperation. But both actors will have to make an extra effort to sustain the present momentum.


How European Internet Foreign Policy Can Compete in a Fragmented World

Europe should strengthen its narrative about the democratic rule of law online. That includes pointing to the costs of the authoritarian approach.

Evaluation report

Evaluation of WFP Policies on Humanitarian Principles and Access in Humanitarian Contexts

This report assesses how the World Food Programme applies the humanitarian principles and negotiates access, and offers recommendations for improvement.

By Julia Steets, Alexander Gaus, Claudia Meier, Janika Spannagel, Mark Bui, Adele Harmer, Abby Stoddard