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Warum die Friedensbewegung versagt

Was haben die Menschen, die unter Kriegen leiden, von den Ostermärschen und Demos?


India-Pakistan: Where Do We Go From Here?

While it delivered short-term victories for Khan and Modi, the India-Pakistan standoff might set an unwelcome precedent.


Cities as the Last Line of Defense

GPPi’s Joel Sandhu sat down with the FT’s Brazil correspondent Andres Schipani to dissect the role of cities in national and international politics and discuss how they could be more active in the global arena.


Modi May Claim the Pakistan Standoff as Success, but Key Questions Remain

India’s prime minister will likely fashion a positive narrative around the recent crisis. But these gains are not absolute and the long-term strategy toward Pakistan remains unclear.


Nowhere to Hide: The Logic of Chemical Weapons Use in Syria

How and why has the Assad regime persisted in using banned chemical weapons? This study draws on the most comprehensive dataset of chemical weapons attacks in Syria compiled to date to offer an analysis of the strategic rationale behind the attacks.

Web essay

At the Tip of the Spear: Armed Groups’ Impact on Displacement and Return in Post-ISIL Iraq

The large number of sub-state forces is one factor contributing to Iraq’s continued displacement crisis. This web essay disentangles the motivations and strategies of various of these actors accused of forced displacement, blocked returns, and related protection concerns.