Commentary 29 March 2023

Saying Goodbye to Magical Thinking About China

Why European leaders need to be guided by a more realistic assessment of economic relations with Beijing and China’s geopolitical role on Russia, Ukraine and beyond.

Now in Arabic: Nowhere to Hide Podcast

The Nowhere to Hide Podcast is now available in English and Arabic! It pieces together one of the worst crimes in recent history: the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian war.

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Zeitenwende: What Has Been Missing From the Conversation?

Russia’s war against Ukraine has sparked an active public debate about German and European security policy. But not all issues have gotten the same air time. What is missing?

By Amanda Pridmore, Tobias Bunde, Ralf Südhoff

Supporting Civil Society in Acute Crises

Support to civil society in crisis contexts is a main tool policymakers use to prevent violence. But this support rarely lives up to its promises. What can donors do differently to support civil society actors in conflicts?

Evaluation report

Evaluation of the Policy on WFP’s Role in Peacebuilding in Transition Settings

What effects did the World Food Programme’s projects have on conflict and peace dynamics? How relevant were their policy implementation measures? What factors enabled or hindered their impact? An evaluation from 2012 to 2021.


Schluss mit dem Autopiloten! Gute Krisenpolitik fährt nicht von allein

Wirksamere Stabilisierung und Friedensförderung erfordert die Priorisierung erfolgversprechender Fälle, mehr Mut zu Konfrontation und Blockaden im Apparat abzubauen. Das kostet Geld, doch sonst verpuffen die Millionen.


Humanitarians, Play Your Cards Right: How to Save Lives and Impartiality in Syria’s Earthquake-Affected North

Donors and humanitarian actors should jointly leverage their influence over Ankara and Damascus to push for unimpeded access. How might that work?


Zeitverzug beim Mentalitätswandel

Die Zeitenwende ist auch eine Mentalitätswende: Deutschland muss nicht nur in Bezug auf Russland, sondern auch auf die USA und China umdenken.