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What sort of future are we heading for? We discuss foreign policy, economics, war, peace, and how the world is changing with experts from across the globe as part of the Global Governance Futures – Robert Bosch Foundation Multilateral Dialogues program.

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Policy brief

System Upgrade: Improving Cross-Border Access to Electronic Evidence

Reform of the existing mutual legal assistance system should be priority number one for improving cross-border access to data for law enforcement.

By Sophie Barnett, Mirko Hohmann

Brazil: Breaking an Addiction to Bad Governance

A year on from his last appearance on the Global Futures Podcast, Matias Spektor speaks to Joel Sandhu about the political and economic situation in Brazil today.


It’s Time for Think Tanks and Universities to Take the Democracy Pledge

Leading scholarly institutions should stop taking authoritarian money.


Germany Is Not Quite Ready for Prime Time on the UN Security Council

Germany has high expectations for its upcoming term in the UN Security Council. But is it ready to face the difficult decisions that are inevitable?


Ovation Diplomacy: The Shortsightedness of President Trump’s Foreign Policy

Trump’s foreign policy has one aim: to ensure his reelection. The strategy’s ultimate danger is that it fails to consider long-term consequences.


Sturmlauf gegen das BMW-“Sklavengesetz”

Es ist höchste Zeit, dass internationale Konzerne wie BMW, Audi oder Daimler ihre Nibelungentreue zum ungarischen Premier überdenken.