Commentary 07 October 2021

Cooperation, Not Bartering: Why Germany Needs Better Relations with Taiwan

With a new coalition government in Germany gives Berlin the chance to redefine its economic ties in Asia. A crucial first step: intensify cooperation with Taiwan.

New: COVID-19 and Academic Freedom

We’ve launched a series of thought pieces intended to shed light on the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for academic freedom.

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Germany’s Afghan Defeat: Unhappy Not-Quite-Warriors

The German political class needs to ask itself some tough questions about how it navigated the challenging choices in Afghanistan over the past 20 years.


A Perfect Shitstorm: Scientists in the Pandemic

COVID-19 has revealed the practical importance of science in an unprecedented way. But science skepticism and hateful attacks have also grown, which could make scientists afraid to conduct & share their research. What is the situation?


The ‘Zoomification’ of Academia: Addressing Risks to Academic Freedom

The pandemic made online learning a key part of university life. But virtual platforms also allow for surveillance by authoritarian states and increase pressures to self-censor. How can academia better protect scholars and students?


Evaluating P/CVE: Institutional Structures in International Comparison

Preventing and countering violent extremism (P/​CVE) is an emerging field with a wealth of experience but few proven recipes for success. Do we know if existing measures are effective?


Risks Associated With Humanitarian Data Sharing With Donors

Humanitarian organizations are collecting and sharing an increasing amount of data from the people they assist. If not adequately secured, this information can be used to target specific individuals or communities. Here are draft principles for humanitarian data sharing with donors.


The Engine Room: Rebooting Germany’s Foreign Policy Architecture

Berlin needs to improve its decision-making processes, and that means repairing its creaky foreign policy set-up – a contribution to the debate about a German National Security Council.