Sonya Sugrobova

Project Associate

Sonya Sugrobova is a project associate with the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) in Berlin, where she helps carry out the Global Governance Futures program and contributes to the work of the rising powers and global governance issue areaShe is also pursuing a master’s degree in international relations and Asian studies at the Metropolitan University Prague. During her master’s degree, she participated in academic exchange programs in Athens and Taipei.

In 2015, Sonya worked as an intern for the Czech NGO “People in Need.” During her internship, she conducted research on issues such as the situation in Ukraine, the migration crisis, and humanitarian action after the earthquake in Nepal, along with helping to manage the organization’s social media accounts and translating articles.

Sonya’s studies concern history, culture, and current issues in Asia, with a primary focus on Japan. Currently she is working on a dissertation about multiculturalism and immigration policies in Japan, which she expects to defend in 2018.

Languages: Russian, English, Czech

Recent Publications

Podcast 16 July 2018

A New Era of Geopolitical Competition

by Thorsten Benner, Melissa Li
The Global Futures Podcast

Podcast 28 June 2018

Beyond the Beltway: Talking to Americans About US Foreign Policy

by Thorsten Benner, Sonya Sugrobova
The Global Futures Podcast

Podcast 13 June 2018

Cities: Bringing Urban Life and Global Politics Together

by Joel Sandhu, Sonya Sugrobova, Julia Reischle
The Global Futures Podcast

Podcast 01 June 2018

How Will India Shape Regional and Global Issues in the Coming Years?

by Joel Sandhu, Sonya Sugrobova, Julia Reischle
The Global Futures Podcast

Podcast 14 May 2018

How Can We Plan For an Uncertain Future?

by Joel Sandhu, Sonya Sugrobova
The Global Futures Podcast

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