Laurenz Derksen


Laurenz Derksen is an intern with the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) in Berlin, where he contributes to the institute’s work on data and technology politics and on innovation in development. His research interests include the spread of misinformation online and the potential of data to improve political accountability.

Currently Laurenz is entering his final year at the University College Freiburg. He studies liberal arts and sciences with a major in governance. During his studies, he spent two semesters abroad, at Pennsylvania State University and Leiden University College The Hague. He focused on quantitative research methods, electoral politics, and development economics.

Prior to GPPi, Laurenz worked in Uganda with organizations monitoring and facilitating democratic participation (Western Ankole Civil Society Forum) and stimulating development in rural regions (Bicycles Against Poverty).

Languages: German, English, Dutch, French