Publications by Katrin Kinzelbach

Commentary 04 October 2018

The Nobel Peace Prize Should Honor Hopeful Tactics, Not Heroic Persistence

by Katrin Kinzelbach

Article 04 October 2018

Zur Heroisierung und Handlungs(ohn)macht inhaftierter Protestanführer

by Katrin Kinzelbach
Zeitschrift für Menschenrechte

Commentary 23 August 2018

Better Data Can Counteract Soft Repression

by Katrin Kinzelbach, Janika Spannagel

Report 09 July 2018

Corporate Strategic Evaluation on (Forced) Migration

by Katrin Kinzelbach, Julian Lehmann, Alexander Carius, Lukas Rüttinger, Victoria Rietig

Report 20 April 2018

Forbidden Knowledge: Measuring Academic Freedom

by Katrin Kinzelbach, Felix Hoffmann

Article 13 April 2018

New Ways to Address an Old Problem: Political Repression

by Katrin Kinzelbach, Janika Spannagel

Commentary 19 February 2018

Deniz Yücel ist nicht frei

by Katrin Kinzelbach
Zeit Online

Commentary 31 August 2017

How Interpol Can Be Protected From Despots

by Katrin Kinzelbach

Commentary 25 August 2017

Wie Interpol vor Despoten geschützt werden kann

by Katrin Kinzelbach

Commentary 24 January 2017

Without Democracy, No Human Rights and No Peace

by Katrin Kinzelbach

Article 21 November 2016

German Human Rights Policy in a Multipolar World

by Katrin Kinzelbach, Garima Mohan
Amnesty International Netherlands

Commentary 05 April 2016

China’s White Paper on Human Rights

by Katrin Kinzelbach

Policy Paper 14 December 2015

Can Shaming Promote Human Rights?

by Katrin Kinzelbach, Julian Lehmann
European Liberal Forum

Article 01 October 2015

Book Review: China’s Human Rights Lawyers

by Katrin Kinzelbach
The China Quarterly, 223

Policy Paper 21 September 2015

Set Political Prisoners Free

by Katrin Kinzelbach, Catherine Wolf

Book 03 August 2015

The EU’s Human Rights Dialogue with China

by Katrin Kinzelbach

Commentary 24 March 2015

What Germany Can Do For Imprisoned Saudi Blogger Raif Badawi

by Katrin Kinzelbach
ZEIT Online

Article 05 March 2015

Democracy Promotion and China: Blocker or Bystander?

by Katrin Kinzelbach, Dingding Chen

Report 25 November 2014

Global Trends Jeopardize Rights-Based Child Protection

by Katrin Kinzelbach, Urban Reichhold, Marion Sandner, Julia Planitzer, Helmut Sax

Commentary 10 January 2014

Michail Chodorkowski: Respekt für die Menschenrechte

by Katrin Kinzelbach
Frankfurter Rundschau

Article 25 April 2013

Chinas Menschenrechtspolitik in den UN

by Katrin Kinzelbach
Vereinte Nationen, 2/2013

Commentary 09 April 2013

Willkür kann man nicht wegschmeicheln

by Katrin Kinzelbach, Julian Lehmann
Frankfurter Rundschau

Book Chapter 15 March 2013

Resisting the Power of Human Rights: The People’s Republic of China

by Katrin Kinzelbach
In: The Persistent Power of Human Rights (Thomas Risse, Stephen C. Ropp, Kathryn Sikkink, eds.)

Commentary 13 December 2012

Warum die Menschenrechtspolitik der EU trotz des Nobelpreises nicht hält, was sie verspricht

by Katrin Kinzelbach
GEO, 12/2012

Commentary 17 October 2012

Peking bewegt sich nur unter Druck

by Katrin Kinzelbach
Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Article 01 October 2012

Will China’s Rise Lead to a New Normative Order?

by Katrin Kinzelbach
Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights, 30 (3), p. 299

Commentary 07 October 2011

Warum kuscht ihr so vor China?

by Katrin Kinzelbach
Financial Times Deutschland

Commentary 24 June 2011

Und Peking bewegt sich doch

by Katrin Kinzelbach
Spiegel Online

Article 31 March 2011

Talking Human Rights to China

by Katrin Kinzelbach
The China Quarterly, 205

Article 01 January 2010

The EU, China and Human Rights

by Katrin Kinzelbach
In Giuseppe Balducci, Jing Men (eds.): Prospects and Challenges for EU-China Relations in the 21st Century, Peter Lang

Article 20 November 2009

Portraying Normative Legitimacy. CFSP and AFSJ in Need of Institutional Safeguards for Normative Consistency

by Katrin Kinzelbach, Julia Kozma
Perspectives on European Politics and Society (10) 4, pp. 603-620

Book 01 January 2008

Public Oversight of the Security Sector

by Katrin Kinzelbach, Eden Cole, Kerstin Eppert