Anna Eckert

Visiting Researcher

Anna Eckert is a visiting researcher at the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) in Berlin and a PhD candidate in anthropology at Yale University. Her PhD studies focus on migration, integration, and diaspora formation. At GPPi, she contributes to the institute’s projects on humanitarian action

Prior to joining GPPi, Anna worked with Caritas Germany, coordinating the arrival of refugees in Hamburg and provision of emergency shelter. She also interned at the German embassy in London, where she supported cultural cooperation projects. 

Anna holds bachelor’s degrees from New York University Abu Dhabi in social research and public policy, as well as visual arts. Exploring the relationship between the arts, agency and empowerment, she conducted field research in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Germany. For her PhD studies and research at Yale, she was awarded the ERP Scholarship by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation, and the Yale MacMillan Fund Fellowship for European Studies.

Languages: German, English