Report 16 January 2018

Front, Back, and Trap Doors: Refocusing the Encryption Debate

by Mirko Hohmann

Podcast 19 July 2017

The Pitfalls of Germany’s New Hate Speech Law

by Graham Webster, Niklas Kossow
Transatlantic Digital Debates 2017

Commentary 29 June 2017

Lessons From the Lex Facebook Defeat

by Thorsten Benner
Handelsblatt Global

Commentary 29 June 2017

Germany’s Misguided Social Media Law Is a Minefield for US Tech

by Mirko Hohmann, Alexander Pirang
Council on Foreign Relations

Commentary 20 April 2017

Internet Companies Cannot Be Judges of Free Speech

by Thorsten Benner, Mirko Hohmann
Politico Europe