Policy Paper 22 January 2018

Catalyzing the SDGs Through Expanded Domestic Resource Mobilization

by Oladiran Bello, Salina Sanou
African Policy Circle

Book Chapter 02 January 2018

Cybersecurity 2018-2020: Proposals for action for the CDU/CSU and SPD

by Isabel SkierkaMartin Schallbruch, Sandro Gaycken
DSI Industrial and Policy Recommendations

Policy Paper 16 November 2017

Sustainable Development Goal 16: The Challenge of Sustaining Peace in Places of Crisis

by Helen Kezie-Nwoha, Aditi Lalbahadur
African Policy Circle

Policy Paper 16 November 2017

Ten Years On: The African Union Peacebuilding Framework & the Role of Civil Society

by Charles Nyuykonge, Mwachofi Singo
African Policy Circle

Policy Paper 02 November 2017

Engaging with the Indian Ocean

by Garima Mohan