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10 December 2013

GPPi participates in workshop on transnational law enforcement

GPPi Research Associate Julian Lehmann gave a presentation at a workshop on transnational law enforcement and migration... more

10 December 2013

GPPi publishes article on Germany’s abstention on the Libya intervention

In its December 2013 to January 2014 issue, the journal Survival has published an article by GPPi Research Associate Sarah... more

06 December 2013

GG2022 fellows present report on the future of global cyber security governance

On 5 December 2013 at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, two participants of GG2022, a fellowship program that GPPi... more

17 November 2013

GPPi presents study on mass atrocity prevention at Heinrich Böll Foundation

On 15 November 2013 at the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin, GPPi’s Philipp Rotmann and Gerrit Kurtz presented the core... more

15 November 2013

GPPi discusses EU crisis at Shanghai conference

On 15 November 2013 during a conference in Shanghai, GPPi Director Thorsten Benner spoke about the transition of Europe after the... more

08 November 2013

GPPi researcher talks China to foster international understanding

On 7 November 2013, GPPi’s Joel Sandhu gave a presentation on the rise of China in world politics at the Senior Academy of the... more

04 November 2013

GPPi contributes to police peacekeeping conference in Loccum

Between 30 October and 1 November 2013, GPPi Associate Director Philipp Rotmann contributed to a workshop on German engagement in... more

31 October 2013

In NSA debate, do not ignore the UK, argues GPPi

With European outrage over ongoing surveillance revelations centered on the NSA, Europeans often ignore the threat in their... more

28 October 2013

GPPi analyzes Turkey and Russia at World Conference on Humanitarian Studies

At the World Conference on Humanitarian Studies, which took place in Istanbul from 24-27 October 2013, GPPi’s Andrea Binder... more

27 October 2013

GPPi researcher questions call for German ministry for global development

On 27 October 2013, GPPi Research Associate Elias Sagmeister has published an op-ed in the German news magazine ZEIT ONLINE,... more

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