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28 March 2014

GPPi researcher says EU’s Court of Justice is failing to develop asylum law

The Court of Justice of the European Union – the EU’s top court – is failing expectations as the only supranational court in... more

27 March 2014

GPPi researcher calls for more citizen activism on genocide prevention

The German weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT published an op-ed on March 27th by GPPi Research Associate Sarah Brockmeier, who... more

21 March 2014

GPPi researchers win Brussels Forum Young Writers Award for essay on transatlantic cooperation in fragile states

GPPi’s Alexander Gaus and Wade Hoxtell have won the 2014 Brussels Forum Young Writers Award for their paper Connecting Security... more

19 March 2014

GPPi publishes study on stabilization of acute crises in fragile contexts

GPPi’s Philipp Rotmann and independent consultant Lea Steinacker published a new study on “stabilization,” increasingly... more

17 March 2014

GPPi comments about stance on Crimea among rising powers

As the rhetorical battle over the fate of the Crimean peninsula between Russia and the West heats up, rising powers are siding... more

12 March 2014

GPPi publishes policy paper linking issues of energy access, climate change and energy subsidies

In a new policy paper, independent energy consultant Oliver J. Haas and GPPi’s Wade Hoxtell make the case that, if any progress... more

10 March 2014

GPPi launches joint project on freedom and security in the digital age

Together with the Open Technology Institute at the New America Foundation, GPPi has launched a new project that brings together... more

25 February 2014

GPPi researcher calls on EU to revise laws restricting secondary movement of refugees

European lawmakers need to rethink the rules restricting the movement of refugees after they have sought refuge in a first... more

24 February 2014

GPPi contributes to Wilton Park conference on EU crisis management

On 20 February 2013, GPPi Associate Director Philipp Rotmann spoke at a Wilton Park conference on the European Union’s engagement... more

07 February 2014

GPPi researchers call on EU and US to fix their statebuilding approach

GPPi’s Steffen Eckhard and Alexander Gaus argue that the United States and the European Union – the world’s largest foreign... more

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