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16 April 2014

GPPi fellow says time is running out for Africa’s oil boom

Africa’s oil-rich economies have enjoyed a decade-long boom without sufficiently investing in pro-poor, structural development.... more

16 April 2014

GPPi explains Germany’s skepticism towards use of force in peace operations at Brussels conference

At a conference in Brussels from 8-9 April 2014, GPPi Research Associate Gerrit Kurtz delivered a presentation on the normative... more

09 April 2014

GPPi researcher says recent EU-West Africa trade agreement is no success story yet

The International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development published an article by GPPi Research Associate Clara Weinhardt in... more

07 April 2014

GPPi researcher calls for examination of Germany’s role during the genocide in Rwanda

On 7 April 2014 the Heinrich Böll Foundation published a study by GPPi Researcher Sarah Brockmeier on Germany’s role during the... more

04 April 2014

GPPi researcher calls for greater representation of women in NATO’s leadership

On 3 April 2014 Foreign Policy published an op-ed by GPPi Research Associate Lauren Harrison, who argues that NATO’s... more

30 March 2014

GPPi discusses EU-Africa trade cooperation at international convention

GPPi Research Associate Clara Weinhardt presented two papers on European Union-Africa trade cooperation at the Annual Convention... more

28 March 2014

GPPi researcher says EU’s Court of Justice is failing to develop asylum law

The Court of Justice of the European Union – the EU’s top court – is failing expectations as the only supranational court in... more

27 March 2014

GPPi researcher calls for more citizen activism on genocide prevention

The German weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT published an op-ed on March 27th by GPPi Research Associate Sarah Brockmeier, who... more

21 March 2014

GPPi researchers win Brussels Forum Young Writers Award for essay on transatlantic cooperation in fragile states

GPPi’s Alexander Gaus and Wade Hoxtell have won the 2014 Brussels Forum Young Writers Award for their paper Connecting Security... more

19 March 2014

GPPi publishes study on stabilization of acute crises in fragile contexts

GPPi’s Philipp Rotmann and independent consultant Lea Steinacker published a new study on “stabilization,” increasingly... more

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