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27 April 2014

Syria crisis could reform the current humanitarian system, says GPPi Director

The Syrian war could foster changes in the current humanitarian system, writes GPPi Director Julia Steets in a commentary... more

27 April 2014

Ukraine crisis tests relations between Russia and ICRC, argues GPPi researcher

The worsening situation in Ukraine could have negative repercussions on the renewed relationship between Russia and the... more

25 April 2014

GPPi researcher says asylum jurisprudence in Germany, UK and Netherlands regarding non-state harm is flawed

GPPi Research Associate Julian Lehmann argues that the asylum decisions made by the courts of Germany, the United Kingdom and the... more

23 April 2014

GPPi co-hosts workshop on internet governance in Sao Paulo

Together with the Rio Institute for Technology & Society and in cooperation with the Network of Interdisciplinary Internet... more

22 April 2014

Peace and security should be part of UN’s post-2015 agenda, says GPPi researcher

On 22 April 2014, GPPi Research Associate Gerrit Kurtz published an op-ed calling for peace and security issues to be included in... more

19 April 2014

GPPi researcher calls on Sri Lanka to pursue meaningful reconciliation

The Hindu has published an op-ed by GPPi Research Associate Gerrit Kurtz on reconciliation in Sri Lanka. In the article,... more

16 April 2014

GPPi fellow says time is running out for Africa’s oil boom

Africa’s oil-rich economies have enjoyed a decade-long boom without sufficiently investing in pro-poor, structural development.... more

16 April 2014

GPPi explains Germany’s skepticism towards use of force in peace operations at Brussels conference

At a conference in Brussels from 8-9 April 2014, GPPi Research Associate Gerrit Kurtz delivered a presentation on the normative... more

09 April 2014

GPPi researcher says recent EU-West Africa trade agreement is no success story yet

The International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development published an article by GPPi Research Associate Clara Weinhardt in... more

07 April 2014

GPPi researcher calls for examination of Germany’s role during the genocide in Rwanda

On 7 April 2014 the Heinrich Böll Foundation published a study by GPPi Researcher Sarah Brockmeier on Germany’s role during the... more

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