Peace & Security

Despite the decline in interstate war over the past several decades, armed conflicts and organized violence remain major threats to people’s lives in most parts of the world. External actors are invested in these conflicts in many ways: through their economic footprint, by protecting specific interests, or by protecting people and building peace. In our interconnected world, there is no way we can avoid having influence. Our choices have consequences that either fuel the violence or help find ways out of war.

So how do we know what works? How can we act responsibly if we do not? While Rwanda and Bosnia have shown the catastrophic consequences of inaction, our instruments to act are often flawed. Mediation, capacity-building, support for political reform, and the use of military force require constant learning and sometimes fundamental change.

In our work with partners around the world, GPPi focuses on knowledge, norms and organizations in the global politics of peace and security. Currently we address four themes: (1) conflict, intervention and peacebuilding, (2) the prevention of mass atrocities, (3) the role of rising powers, and (4) organizational learning and change.

Clients & Funding

Our academic research on global peace and security was generously supported by the German Foundation for Peace Research (2006-2009), the Fritz Thyssen Foundation (2008-2010) and the Volkswagen Foundation in cooperation with Compagnia di San Paolo and Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (2012-2015). Additional projects were funded or commissioned by the UN Secretariat’s Department for Peacekeeping Operations, the German Foreign Office, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Humanity United and the Robert Bosch Foundation.

Featured Publications


Germany’s Politics and Bureaucracy for Preventing Atrocities

by Sarah Brockmeier, Philipp Rotmann
Genocide Studies and Prevention

Policy Paper

Engaging with the Indian Ocean

by Garima Mohan


The Micro-Politics of Territorial Control in Iraq

by Erica Gaston, András Derzsi-Horváth
War on The Rocks


PeaceLab2016: A Fresh Look at Crisis Prevention

by Sarah Brockmeier, Aurélie Domisse, Philipp Rotmann, Mario Schulz


In the Shadow of Syria

by Tessa Alleblas, Eamon Aloyo, Sarah Brockmeier, Philipp Rotmann, Jon Western
The Hague Institute for Global Justice, GPPi, Mount Holyoke College

Policy Paper

Managing Conflict, Building Peace: Opportunities for Developing the EU-India Strategic Partnership

by Philipp Rotmann, Garima Mohan
GPPi/Carnegie India


Germany Can Protect the Liberal Order

by Thorsten Benner
Foreign Affairs

Policy Paper

The Challenges and Lessons Learned in Supporting Security Sector Reform

by Steffen Eckhard

Policy Paper

Civil Affairs and Local Conflict Management in Peace Operations

by Sarah Brockmeier, Philipp Rotmann