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Engaging with the Indian Ocean

Germany is rediscovering the economic and strategic importance of the Indian Ocean. However, as it increases engagement in the region, Germany will have to grapple with the changing dynamics in the Indian Ocean – particularly growing geopolitical and geo-economic competition sparked by China’s entry.



GPPi is Hiring for Peace & Security and Communications

We are looking for two research associates to support our work on peace and security as well as a part-time communications assistant with a focus on digital channels. Please take a look at the vacancy notes for the distinct profiles, requirements, and application deadlines.

Call for Applications

Seeking Candidates for the GGF Fellowship

The next round of the Global Governance Futures – Robert Bosch Foundation Multilateral Dialogues program, GGF 2030, is now open for applications. The fellowship brings together exceptional young professionals from nine countries to look ahead to the year 2030 and think of better ways to address three global challenges: migration and refugee crises, the role of cities in global governance, and global order.


It is Too Early to Pop Champagne in Baghdad: The Micro-Politics of Territorial Control in Iraq

After three years of security fragmentation, and tit-for-tat violence, stabilizing Iraq's Disputed Territories will require a bottom-up strategy, and attention to the micro-politics of control.

By Erica GastonAndrás Derzsi-Horváth

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