Berlin Must Rise Above the Spiral of Outrage About Richard Grenell

Berlin should be pragmatic in its answer to the undiplomatic statements by Donald Trump’s new ambassador to Germany. The real problem is that nothing in transatlantic relations is “normal” any longer.

 By Thorsten Benner


PeacebyPeace: Talking Conflict Prevention, Stabilization, and Peacebuilding

How can Germany and Europe get better at preventing crises and building peace? Sarah Brockmeier hosts policymakers and experts to find out.

By Sarah Brockmeier


Great Game in the Indian Ocean

Growing competition and militarization are changing dynamics in the Indian Ocean. Despite the region’s economic and strategic significance for Europe, the continent has been watching these developments mostly from the sidelines. But this sea-blindness is no longer an option.

By Garima Mohan


GPPi Seeks a Research Associate in Peace & Security

We are looking for a new colleague to support our work on peace and security. Responsibilities will include an editorial role with the PeaceLab blog, managing outreach channels as well as opportunities for policy research in the context of other GPPi projects.

Recent Work