Evaluation of WFP Humanitarian and Access Policies

How does the World Food Programme apply the humanitarian principles and negotiate access? This report assesses WFP’s work on both accounts and offers recommendations for improvement.

By Julia Steets, Claudia Meier, Adele Harmer, Abby Stoddard, Janika Spannagel, Alexander Gaus, Mark Bui


A New Era of Geopolitical Competition

As we see increasing divergence between China, Russia, the US, and the countries of the EU, Thorsten Benner and Thomas Wright discuss how the global order will evolve.

By Thorsten BennerSonya Sugrobova


A New Pact with Delhi

The EU-India strategic partnership is experiencing a revival, with a new focus on political and security issues, but trade remains a sore spot. Both sides will have to make an extra effort to convert converging interests into concrete cooperation.

By Garima Mohan

Policy Paper

How European Internet Foreign Policy Can Compete in a Fragmented World

Europe has a key role to play in updating liberal internet foreign policy. Doing so will require responsible regulation at home and countering competition from authoritarian models abroad.

By Mirko HohmannThorsten Benner

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