Germany’s Politics and Bureaucracy for Preventing Atrocities

A recent government strategy emphasizes that the prevention of genocide is part of Germany’s raison d'état. Yet Berlin will need to address key weaknesses in its institutional setup before it can translate such rhetoric into actual policymaking.

By Sarah Brockmeier, Philipp Rotmann




Europe, Don’t Let China Divide and Conquer

The logic of tying EU funding to democratic performance and solidarity is tempting, but withholding money from members who challenge key EU norms may only drive them closer to China.

By Thorsten BennerJan Weidenfeld


Our Global Future Will Require Inclusive Ideas

The post-1945, Western-dominated world order is changing. Countries like China, India and Russia play an increasingly active role. Addressing global challenges will require a more inclusive approach with new formats for interaction across more countries and sectors.

By Joel Sandhu


Authoritarian Advance: Responding to China’s Growing Political Influence in Europe

A joint report by GPPi and MERICS details China’s influencing efforts across three key arenas – political and economic elites, the media, and civil society and academia – and suggests a response strategy for Europe.

By Thorsten BennerJan Gaspers, Mareike Ohlberg, Lucrezia Poggetti, Kristin Shi-Kupfer

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