Schröder’s Russian Sell-Out

Last week’s nomination of former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder to the board of Rosneft, Russia’s largest oil company, is the most spectacular example to date of a Western politician selling out to an authoritarian government. Liberal democracies must act quickly to prevent similar disastrous behavior in the future.


By Thorsten Benner


The Pitfalls of Germany’s New Hate Speech Law

Two Transatlantic Digital Debates Fellows dissect Germany's new law requiring that social media companies with more than 2 million registered German users delete unlawful content.

Research Paper

When Looks Could Kill: Emerging State Practice on Self-Defense and Hostile Intent

How do states tread the fine line between soldiers’ legitimate need to defend themselves and the risk to civilians in places where the threats are not as clear as a smoking gun?

By Erica Gaston


GPPi Seeks a Research Assistant in Peace & Security

GPPi seeks a research assistant – available full-time or part-time – to contribute to the institute’s work on peace and security policy. The part-time option, which requires at minimum 20 hours per week, with flexible hours, is suitable for students currently enrolled in master’s programs in Berlin.

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