The Nobel Peace Prize Should Honor Hopeful Tactics, Not Heroic Persistence

The heroification of charismatic protest leaders often entails a misreading of local political dynamics. Unless such individuals open up new and safe opportunities for political action, their power to mobilize is usually short-lived.



Creating an Indian Bureaucracy for the 21st Century

India’s bureaucracy is notorious for not being adaptable and innovative enough to deal with the country’s challenges. What needs to change? Yamini Aiyar shares her analysis on the Global Futures podcast.

By Thorsten BennerJoel SandhuSonya Sugrobova


We Seek a Research Associate Focusing on Peace & Security in Asia

Work with us on foreign and security policy as well as regional and global order, focusing on security dynamics in Asia, maritime security, and Indian, Chinese, Japanese and/or European foreign policy.


Europe’s Quest for Financial Independence

Berlin and Paris are right to push for greater European strategic autonomy from US. It will be hard to pull off, but Europe must try.

By Thorsten Benner

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