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Iraq after ISIL: An Analysis of Local, Hybrid, and Sub-State Security Forces

Regional or community forces, militias, and other forms of local security actors have long existed in Iraq, often assuming state functions. These local and hybrid security forces, however, proliferated when ISIL took over large swaths of territory in 2014. GPPi, together with the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani, examined the role these forces are playing on the ground. 



How Interpol Can Be Protected From Despots

Dogan Akhanli’s detention in Granada is the most recent example of how despots can use Interpol’s red notices for political persecution beyond borders. Germany should work with other democratic governments to protect Interpol from misuse by authoritarians.

By Katrin Kinzelbach


Schröder’s Russian Sell-Out

Nomination of former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder to the board of Rosneft, Russia’s largest oil company, is the most spectacular example to date of a Western politician selling out to an authoritarian government. Liberal democracies must act quickly to prevent similar disastrous behavior in the future.

By Thorsten Benner


The Pitfalls of Germany’s New Hate Speech Law

Two Transatlantic Digital Debates Fellows dissect Germany's new law requiring that social media companies with more than 2 million registered German users delete unlawful content.

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