Imagining a Post-Merkel Europe

All those panicking about the current German limbo and a post-Merkel Germany should take a deep breath and think again. A Germany without Merkel is not necessarily all bad news for Europe.



German Liberals: Better off in Opposition

Christian Lindner had many good reasons not to join a Jamaica coalition so soon after his party’s resurrection. However, contrary to what some commentators have alleged, turning the FDP into a nationalist-liberal "AfD light" is not one of them.

By Thorsten Benner


GPPi is Hiring for Several Positions

We are looking for new part-time and full-time colleagues to support our research on issues ranging from European foreign policy to technology politics. We are also looking for a communications assistant to help promote our findings and policy advice. Please take a look at our current vacancy notes to see whether any of these match your interests and profile.

Policy Paper

Engaging with the Indian Ocean

Germany is rediscovering the economic and strategic importance of the Indian Ocean – its primary gateway to the Asia-Pacific markets. However, to take advantage of these economic opportunities, Germany will have to grapple with changing dynamics in the Indian Ocean, particularly increasing geopolitical and geo-economic competition sparked by China’s entry in the region.

By Garima Mohan

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