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Europe’s Response to the Belt and Road Initiative

Europe’s enthusiasm about China’s Belt and Road Initiative is tempering. BRI is already eroding EU’s cohesion, creating stiff competition for European companies, and can impact European security. The EU needs a response strategy—both in Europe and in Asia. 

 By Garima Mohan




New Ways to Address an Old Problem: Political Repression

Instead of quibbling over whether things are getting worse for human rights activists around the world, we should shift our emphasis: from victim-focused to perpetrator-focused advocacy, and from documenting hard repression to documenting soft repression.

By Katrin KinzelbachJanika Spannagel


Changing Security Governance: Lessons for External Support

Experts agree on need for political approaches to security sector reform. But what does that mean? Drawing on lessons learned by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, this paper presents concrete examples of engagement in political reform processes from Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Southern Africa.

By Sarah BrockmeierPhilipp Rotmann


Germany’s Half-Baked Approach to Fighting Disinformation

Germany wants Facebook to be transparent about how its algorithms decide who sees what content. But such political chest-puffing risks wasting a window of opportunity.

By Alexander Pirang

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