Call for Applications

Call for Applications: Transatlantic Digital Debates 2018

GPPi is seeking 18 driven German and American young professionals to participate in the third round of the Transatlantic Digital Debates. They will address global challenges resulting from rapid technological change in society and foster long-term bonds as future transatlantic leaders.



Policy Paper

#AUEU: A Twitter Analysis of the 2017 AU-EU Summit

This Twitter analysis of the AU-EU Summit offers an insight into public debates on social media, who took part in them, and how they changed. It shows that particular topics - notably youth, migration, slavery, and Western Sahara - dominated social media conversations that were driven by a predominantly European community.

By Alexander GausDario Toman


Munich Security Conference: A Marketplace of Order?

Almost 500 people come to Munich every year for the security conference. Most are male, white, middle-aged, and from Europe or the United States. Are they the crowd that is likely to produce the ideas we need to save the world?

By Philipp Rotmann


Authoritarian Advance: Responding to China’s Growing Political Influence in Europe

A joint report by GPPi and MERICS details China’s influencing efforts across three key arenas – political and economic elites, media and public opinion, and civil society and academia – and suggests a response strategy for Europe.

By Thorsten BennerJan Gaspers, Mareike Ohlberg, Lucrezia Poggetti, Kristin Shi-Kupfer

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