Recent Publications


WFP’s Preparedness and Response Enhancement Programme: A Strategic Evaluation (2011-14)

by Julia Steets, Antonio Galli, James Darcy, Kai Koddenbrock
World Food Programme Office of Evaluation


Business Engagement in Humanitarian Response and Disaster Risk Management

by Wade Hoxtell, Maximilian Norz, Kristina Teicke
INSPIRE Consortium

Policy Paper

CSIRT Basics for Policy-Makers

by Isabel Skierka, Robert Morgus, Mirko Hohmann, Tim Maurer
GPPi & New America


Europe, the US and the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict

by Thorsten Benner
Global Public Policy Institute


Democracy Promotion and China: Blocker or Bystander?

by Katrin Kinzelbach, Dingding Chen

Policy Paper

Evaluating Foreign Policy Measures in Fragile Contexts

by Andrea Binder, Philipp Rotmann
Study commissioned by the Policy Planning Unit of the German Federal Foreign Office