Europe’s Quest for Financial Independence

Berlin and Paris are right to push for greater European financial and strategic autonomy from the US. It will be hard to pull off, but Europe must try nonetheless. 



A Way Out of the Turkish Currency Crisis

Europe and Germany in particular should serve their own interests and help pull Turkey back from the brink of an economic meltdown. That includes doing everything to make a bailout unnecessary.

By Bilal BağTayyib Demiroğlu


Politics Over Trade: A Revival of the EU-India Partnership

Although trade negotiations remain stuck, Europe and India are developing closer ties through political and security cooperation. But both actors will have to make an extra effort to sustain the present momentum.

By Garima Mohan


Better Data Can Counteract Soft Repression

Changing the way we document human rights abuses—including by paying more attention to soft repression—could correct our understanding of what is really happening.

By Katrin KinzelbachJanika Spannagel

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