Front, Back, and Trap Doors: Refocusing the Encryption Debate

Security and law enforcement agencies must adapt to the challenges posed by digitization, but demanding access to encrypted data is a flawed approach. Instead, public authorities should focus on alternative investigative methods and prioritize reform of the mutual legal assistance regime.


Research Paper

Reinforcing Border Control: What’s at Stake for Migrants?

In Niger and Mali, capacity building for border management and control has exacerbated the vulnerabilities of people on the move. To mitigate such negative effects, donors of capacity building programs should move protection concerns to the center of their efforts.

By Jonas BergmannJulian Lehmann, Thomas Munsch, William Powell


Imagining a Post-Merkel Europe

All those panicking about the current German limbo and a post-Merkel Germany should take a deep breath and think again. A Germany without Merkel is not necessarily all bad news for Europe.

By Thorsten Benner

Policy Paper

Engaging with the Indian Ocean

Germany is rediscovering the economic and strategic importance of the Indian Ocean – its primary gateway to the Asia-Pacific markets. However, to take advantage of these economic opportunities, Germany will have to grapple with changing dynamics in the Indian Ocean, particularly increasing geopolitical and geo-economic competition sparked by China’s entry in the region.

By Garima Mohan

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