Avoiding Africa's Oil Curse

If new East African oil producers are to avoid the mistakes of established oil-producing states, they must heed the lessons from Africa’s oil boom.

Image: flickr/jbdodane.com

EU-West Africa Trade Agreement is Not Everybody's Success Story

Though a trade agreement was signed between the EU and West African countries, there is no real "buy-in" into the reform agenda on the African side. The deal may have been struck with too little, too soon.

Image: Wikimedia/Wolfgang Meinhart

The Men-Only Club

Why, after 65 years, can't NATO find a woman to head the alliance? What are the implications of this imbalance in leadership? GPPi Research Associate Lauren Harrison comments on NATO's gender gap.

Image: US DoD/Cherie Cullen

Genocide Concerns Us All

On the occasion of the 20th commemoration of the Rwandan Genocide, writes GPPi's Sarah Brockmeier, Germans should reflect on their own role in the killing that took place from April to June 1994.

Image: ICRC/Benno Neeleman

Stabilization: Doctrine, Organization and Practice

This new study examines how the UK, US, Netherlands and Canada approach acute, often chronic situations of violent emergency in fragile contexts. Based on this analysis, the authors provide policy options for Germany.

UN Photo: Blagoje Grujic

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